May 27 ## Racecars, Not Rocketships Free for Spectators!

We just found out that NASA has made this event free for all spectators! Drifting all day Saturday and Sunday, cook out and live music Saturday night, and camping at the track! All free to watch!

Be sure to check out the local NASA website.

May 14 ## Racecars, Not Rocketships

May Flier FRONT

May Flier Back

Feb 14 ## 2014 Event Schedule

KCDrift 2014 Event Schedule

Oct 08 ## Kc Drift: The Harvest highlights!

Sorry for the delay on this blog post been so busy at work I got a bit behind. Here are some highlights from Kc Drifts first two day drift event at heartland park Topeka. Two days of drifting fun. Saturday was run just like one of our normal Kc Drift events that you all know and love. Open track multiple laps smooth transitions and every ones favorite big sweeper to really get up close and personal with your bros. We had a lot of new drivers this event which is great. It’s fantastic seeing the sport growing and becoming more popular locally. We also had some of the heavy hitters from STL and of course of local grown drivers as well. We strive to make our events the most fun, the best bang for the buck and most laid back events you’ll drive all year. So please if you have any feedback on how our events are ran PLEASE! Let us know.

I would like to thank all the Drivers, Spectators and workers for helping us put on a great event and hopefully yall stick around till it’s bigger and better next year. I would like to thank Birds Eye Ariel Media for coming out with his cool rc gadgets. Fitz-tography for his continuous support as well as AutoFaze and anyone else who I may be missing that shot for us this event.

We have people from all over driving out to our events now adays. Event Regulars the Angle Junkies always come to party.
Angle junkies tandem

Local Drivers Dustin “Krazi” and Rolando “Let me hola atcha” doing a bit of a fun tandem.
Dustin rolnaldo tandem

Our Fearless leader Rob “Jesus” got out on track for a few fun runs in his s13.

As always we have a few Miatas at our events. Two big names in miata drifting in the Kc area are Galen “always prepared” and Paul “Walnuts” a.k.a yours truly.

Look at all deez miatas!

Sam “The Pringle can” Pirtle from Drift STL

Another STL Driver Chris “Grandpa”

Mike “small fish” fisher from Omaha

Sep 12 ## The Harvest is Almost Here!